Thursday, January 7, 2010

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Excerpt:  "Back when I was diagnosed, the educational psychologist told my mother that they should “downgrade” our expectations, I would be lucky to finish high school and university was out of the question. Now having graduated high school on the honour roll and currently sitting with a GPA of 3.85 at university, it seems like the only person’s expectations that needed to be changed was the educational psychologist."

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

the Dancing Letter "S"

The Dancing Letter "G"

The Dancing Letter "F"

The Dancing Letter "E"

The Dancing Letter "D"

The Dancing Letter "C"

The Dancing Letter "B"

The Dancing Letter "A"

You can get "A" on a mug! 

Make the Letters Stop Dancing

I'm dyslexic. Very dyslexic. And for years, no one knew it. To keep up in school I had to find strategies that would help me keep up with the world around me. Reading was a challenge because the letters danced. Here's the story:

Make the Letters Stop Dancing

When my mom first opened books

across my lap for quiet looks
the pictures dazzled at a glance
and every word got up and danced.

The “T” and “H” spun with the “E”
and all for the delight of me
but they would not be still enough
for me to learn to read the stuff.

They would not sit on the line
so I stopped them with my mind
imagining them spatially
I sucked them down with gravity.

They quivered on the sentence shelf
till I could read them all myself -
And when I finished paragraphs
I let them all back up to dance.

Andrea Boff Sutton © 2009